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How to make lemon rice

Ingredients: cooked rice, peanuts, cashew, turmeric powder, salt, cilantro leaves, curry leaves, mustard seeds, olive oil and lemon juice Peanuts…

How to make tomato rice

Ingredients: cooked rice, tomato, salt, olive oil, peanuts, cashew, cilantro leaves, curry leaves, mustard seeds Rice Peanuts Curry leaves Cashew…

How to make spaghetti

Ingredients: Carrots, green peas, broccoli, cabbage, peanuts, boiled spaghetti, salt, olive oil, veg curry spice, turmeric powder Direction: Saute green…

How to make spicy fried rice

Ingredients: Cooked original rice, salt, oil, Indian green pepper, pistachio, carrots, beans, green peas, hing(asafoetida), cumin seed,turmeric powder, Indian veg…

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