Protein deficiency

Few months back I was having wrist pain and ankle pain a lot and my nails were paining too. I went to see my doctor and my doctor said that I might have protein deficiency. Then he described me the complete thing that why we need protein and what does it do for our body. In one sentence if you are protein deficient your body will collapse over time. Then he asked me to take protein powder and protein bar along with my vegetarian diet to over come the deficiency as long term deficiency can cause memory loss and incurable disease. And he also said that we should get protein from food. We should not depend on protein powder and protein bar so much. So after that I started having a lot of soaked moong, soaked horse gram and soaked almonds and that helps me a lot. I feel energetic and fresh.

Protein is very imporatant to keep our body healthy. From head to toe everything depends on protein. Your kidney, liver, hair, skin everything needs a lot of protein. My doctor said that we should take as much protein as we weigh.

That means if you are 60kg you should take 60 grams of protein daily. Many people has the misconception that 60 grams chicken has 60 grmas protein but its really not true. 28 grams chichen has only 7 grmas protein. Some people also believe that protein causes fat gain but that is also not true as protein helps reduce fat. If you hav eprotein deficiency you might have several problems in your health such as weak bones, weak muscels, headache, low energy level, moodiness, poor concentration, hair fall, slow metablolism, heart related probelms.

So to keep yourself healthy must eat a lot of protein daily. If you are a vegetarian you can depend on almonds, pistachio, pumpkin seeds, horse gram, moong for your protein intake. 100 grams moong has 24 grams protein, 100 grams almonds have 21 grams protein, 100 grams pistachio has 20 grams protein, 100 grams pumpkin seeds have 19 grams protein. Soak almonds, moong, horse gram in the overnight and include them in your 3 times meal. Sometimes we need to take protein powder and protein bar as well to meet the complete required amount of protein.