Vitamin B12 deficiency

Vitamin B12 is a very important vitamin for maintaining a good health. When we do not consume enough vitamin B<sub>12</sub> we become vitamin B<sub>12</sub> deficient. The normal level of vitamin B<sub>12</sub> is 200-900. You can do a simple blood test to check that if you have this deficiency or not.

If you have these following symptoms you might have this deficiency

If you feel tired all the time.

If you feel sleepy in the afternoon.

If you feel depressed.

If your mood changes often.

If you have joint pain, muscle pain.

If you can not concentrate well in the study.

If you can not remember things.

If you are very forgetful.

If you do not feel hungry.

If you feel unhappy.

If you get headache.

If you have difficulty to breathe.

If you have digestive problems.

If you have anemia.

If you have heart problems.

If you are loosing hair.

If you have dental problems.

I myself was a vitamin B<sub>12</sub> deficient. Few months back I was suffering from heart pain and tiredness. I used to sleep in the afternoon. I would feel extremely low all the time. I was so unenergetic to do anything. After hiking for only 3-4 minutes I used to get very tired. I used to be depressed all the time. I was not doing any useful work during that time. I would wake up in the morning and I would spent the whole day on listening to music, watching movies. And that way I was damaging my body too. I was not even able to do any exercise as I used be very tired after doing any exercise only for 5 minutes. My hands used to pain a lot when I would lift weight. I was not even able to lift 5 pounds. I would not feel like doing anything during those days. Above all i was becoming very ugly looking as I was loosing a lot of hair. And within 4 weeks I lost half of my hair. To stop hairfall I was using castor oil and coconut oil but nothing was working. On the otherhand for using a lot of hair oil I was having pimples on my face. Then for curing pimples I went to a skin specialist and she asked me to stop using hair oil often. Then she asked me that if I have any deficiency or not and I told her that I have vitamin B<sub>12</sub> deficiency. After hearing that she told me that once I over come that deficiency my hair will come back. And she was right about it. I took vitamin B<sub>12</sub> shots as well as Oral supplements to over come the deficiency. Nowadays I take oral supplements sometimes like once or twice a weak depending on my mood. After taking supplements I feel very good now.

If you are a vegan or vegetarian you should take vitamin B<sub>12</sub> supplements to maintain the level after consulting with your doctor. This vitamin is available in animal products such as egg, fish, chicken. So it is almost impossible to maintain a good B<sub>12</sub> level for vegetarian people only through food. So vegetarian people should take supplements but before taking supplements you should consult with your doctor.