Saunth ka halwa

Sauth means ginger powder and readily available in the market.

We use ginger powder in our cooking. I made halwa with this powder.

It is a good home remedy for treating joint pain, muscle pain and back pain.

When I fell on the ground and somehow my back got hurt badly.

I was suffering from a lot of pain and I was not able to sleep on my right side as I had the pain in my right side.

For several days I was unable to run, jump and do other exercises because of the pain.

I went to several doctors for the pain and all of them gave me pain relief medicine as my x-ray report showed no injury.

I took those medicine for few days and I got fine. After that I started doing exercise and again I felt that pain and this time I did not depend on the medicine.

I made sauth ka halwa and that halwa is so good for pain that after having only twice I felt a lot better.

Halwa is a sweet Indian dessert. Actually knowing about my back pain one of my friends told me about that halwa.

I never knew that we can make halwa with sauth before. I knew about ginger powder that we use as a spice in food.

But making halwa with ginger powder was completely unknown to me. After that day whenever I get any pain in my body I make sauth ka halwa.

This halwa is very beneficial for old people and people who suffer from a lot of body pain. Many people have back pain and knee pain.

They depend on medicine which actually weakens our body. So this is a good home remedy for them to over come pain.

With age we get a lot of pain in our body and that time we depend on medicine which causes other side effects.

So we should minimize our medicine consumption and trust home remedies.