Use of garlic

Many people eat garlic without realizing its benefits. Most of us use garlic in our cooking to make our food tasty. But garlic can be used as a medicine too. Garlic is extremely beneficial for the health. I found out its benefits when I suffered from heart pain for several months. Garlic is very good for heart related problems. It is also useful to cure stomach related problems. Garlic can be used to treat asthma. Garlic can be used as a home remedy to prevent heart disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, high blood pressure. It boosts immunity. It helps fight infections. It treats cold and cough.

I remember one day I walk on the treadmill for an hour at a very high speed and after that I became dizzy. My heart was paining a lot and it was getting difficult for me breathe. I went to my family care doctor and she gave a lot of tastes. I went to a cardiologist as well as she asked me to visit one cardiologist. After visiting the cardiologist I did ultrasound of my heart and that report was good. Means I have no heart related disease. Still I was suffering from heart pain. Then I went to my family care doctor again and this time she told me that I have a poor digestive system and I have some other stomach problems.

So I decided to get over my problem all alone. So I searched for the cure online and I got many solutions. I tried all of them. I ate kale and other leaves as well. But I was not getting better. After a long time I finally tried garlic. And I continued to take garlic for 2 weeks and believe me my heart pain was gone completely. Then I left eating garlic for more than six months and again I started feeling pain in my heart. Then I realized that I should always take garlic to keep myself healthy. And nowadays I take garlic 2-3 days a week in empty stomach in the morning.

We can treat several health problems with garlic. If you have back pain or any pain in your body due to stress or over working at office you can use garlic as a pain relief medicine. In that case you have to take few garlic cloves and put that in mustard oil. Then warm the oil and massage it on the paining place. It reduces the pain instantly.

I use garlic in my recipe to make my food healthy and tasty as well. If you do not like to eat raw garlic you can put them in your cooking. Though raw garlic is more beneficial for the health I believe.

My mother would not like the taste of garlic at all. She never uses garlic in her cooking. Since she started facing some heart pain she started taking garlic as well. Many people do not like the taste or smell of garlic but when it comes to curing an ailment, we should think beyond just pleasing our palates.

I remember my grandma would cook cauliflower with garlic. She would make a fry with cauliflower and garlic. I love to eat that a lot. Whenever I would go to my maternal uncle’s house in my childhood my grandma would make that fry for me. My mother never likes the taste of garlic but now she makes that fry sometimes for us and she also eats nowadays but she takes it as a medicine in the morning in empty stomach.

I have few Telugu friends who love to eat garlic pickle. During my stay in Hyderabad and a few other places in Andhra Pradesh, I noticed that people there eat garlic pickle with rice. I learnt to eat that pickle from my friends as I stayed for a long time there for study.

In the beginning, I tried garlic pickle just because my friends used to eat but later on I started liking it. I was in a hostel that time. And I made few good friends there who would help and motivate me.

So start eating garlic to stay healthy.