Complete satvik breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal in my opinion. So when I remember of a complete satvik breakfast I remember of milk, almonds, pistachio, breads and fruits. You should have a complete breakfast to get all the necessary nutrients. Almonds, pistachio are a good source of protein. You can make sandwich with breads, almonds, pistachio and your favourite veggies like cabbage, carrots, onions, spinach and cucumber.

Almonds have calcium, vitamin B6 and iron. In 92 grams of almonds we get 20grams protein and 529 calories. In 123grams of Pistachios we get 25grams protein, vitamin B6, iron and vitamin C which are essential for a good health. Many people are vegetarian and for them these nuts are good sources of protein. Since I become a vegetarian too I eat a lot of almonds and pistachios daily which provide me with good protein.

Milk is highly nutritious. So we must take milk in the breakfast. In 244grams milk we get 8g protein, vitamin B12, vitamin A, calcium and Vitamin B6. I remember I was not very fond of milk in my childhood. My sister and I used to have breakfast together. She would like milk a lot, she still loves it but I was annoyed to have milk every morning. So I would ask my mother to make sandwich for me. Though my parents would tell me the importance and nutritional value of milk I would ignore them and I would ignore milk as well. But now when I am a vitamin B12 deficient I have milk every day. You all should have milk to stay healthy and get over vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 deficient people suffer from memory loss, anemia, shortness of breath, tingling feet, depression, headache and low energy.

Fresh vegetables are very high in fiber. So we must include them in our breakfast as well. When I make my sandwich with fresh vegetables I add mozzarella cheese to it. You can add any cheese to make your sandwich tastes better. Cheese makes the sandwich taste better. Mozzarella cheese has calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin A and Vitamin D. In 28 grams of mozzarella cheese has 8g protein and 78calories.

Fruits are high in antioxidants. So you must include fruits in your breakfast to stay energetic throughout the day. I love to eat fruits a lot. I always include banana, apple in my breakfast. One medium size banana serves 105calories, 1.3grams protein, iron, vitamin B6 and vitamin A. one medium size apple serves 0.5gram protein, vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin A and iron.

I remember in my childhood my father would bring banana, apple, oranges, mangoes and many other fruits for me. We always have fruits at our home as I love to eat fruits. I like to have them during breakfast and lunch. In my childhood I was not very fond of banana. But nowadays I have banana every day. My mother makes great fruit salad which my sister and I enjoy a lot. She cooks fruit chatni too with all kinds of fruits. I remember in one summer we got so many mangoes as a gift from my aunt’s house as they own many mango trees. To eat ripe mangoes my mother would cut them into three parts. The two parts consists of pulp but the middle part consists of mango seed surrounded with a little bit of pulp. Although, it has less pulp kids usually fight over this piece. I and my sister would always quarrel about the fact that who will eat the part with the mango seed. We would eat those mangoes with great pleasure throughout the day sitting by window. We would throw those seeds from the window at the jungle behind our house. And within few days those mango seeds would germinate into small mango plants.

There is a popular festival called “Jamai Sasthi” which is mostly celebrated among the Bengali community i.e., West Bengal, North East Indian states and Bangladesh. It is an Indian festival celebrated to honour son-in-laws. On this special occasion mother-in-law invites her son-in-law and daughter to come at her home and she cooks a variety of foods to feed her son-in-law and daughter. Son-in-laws also brings new clothes, fruits, sweets for his mother-in-law and father-in-law. There is a common tradition to gift each other with Mangoes because it is celebrated during summer. The kids have a lot of fun because they get to eat a variety of mangoes. My nanijee (maternal grandmother) would bring a several varieties of mangoes like dashahri, chausa, langra, maldai, himsagar for my father. But it would be us sisters who would eat those mangoes at the end of the day. We would ask our nanijee to bring those mangoes a few days before the jamai sashthi so that we get to eat those mangoes.

Stories aside, the idea is to have a lot of seasonal fruits on a daily basis to get ample nutrition for the body. We should also add nuts like almonds, pistachios for protein. People who cannot afford to have expensive nuts can have peanuts, soaked lentils like moong, gram, pea, sesame seeds. It should be noted that you need to soak the lentils before making a meal out of it such that the body can absorb maximum amount of protein from them. Milk is a must for vegetarian diet because it is one of the few diets which have B12. I have added several meal plans for vegetarians such that they can get proper nutrition.